100+ Chemistry Questions for SSC CGL/CHSL/CDS/UPSC/Railway Exams

chemistry questions

Chemistry Questions

Hello Aspirants, I hope you all doing well. Here is the PDF of 100 Chemistry Questions with answers for SSC CGL/CHSL/CDS/UPSC/Railway Exams just for you. We Compiled this 100 Chemistry Questions PDF from previous years questions paper to help you in your upcoming exams. Go through the whole 100 Chemistry Questions PDF and check your preparation.

chemistry questions

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Chemistry Questions

Which amongst the following is not a Cation?

1) Aluminium ion

2) Copper ion

3) Sulphate ion

4) Zinc ion

Correct Answer: Sulphate ion

Which of the following is not a component of Smog?

1) Volatile organic compounds

2) Nitrogen Oxide

3) Sulphur dioxide

4) Chlorine oxide

Correct Answer: Chlorine oxide

Which among the following metal is used for galvanization?

1) Zinc

2) Copper

3) Iron

4) Silver

Correct Answer: Zinc

What is dry ice?

1) Solid Carbon dioxide

2) Solid Nitrogen dioxide

3) Solid Sulphur dioxide

4) Solid Water

Correct Answer: Solid Carbon dioxide

Oxide of which of the following will turn red litmus blue?

1) Magnesium

2) Phosphorus

3) Sulphur

4) Carbon

Correct Answer: Magnesium

Which of the following are highly compressible?

1) Solid

2) Liquid

3) Gas

4) Solid and Liquid

Correct Answer: Gas

___________ gases absorb long wave (infrared) radiation from the earth and emit it again towards the earth.

1) Methane

2) Greenhouse

3) Carbon dioxide

4) Ozone

Correct Answer: Greenhouse

PET is a very familiar form of _____________. It is used for making bottles.

1) Nylon

2) Acrylic

3) Polyester

4) Rayon

Correct Answer: Polyester

Which of the following gases is heavier than oxygen?

1) Carbon dioxide

2) Ammonia

3) Methane

4) Helium

Correct Answer: Carbon dioxide

In India, the Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act came into force in 1981, but was amended in ________ to include noise as an air pollutant.

1) 1987

2) 1997

3) 2007

4) 2017

Correct Answer: 1987

Which acid is released when an Ant bites?

1) Hydrochloric Acid

2) Formic Acid

3) Acetic Acid

4) Phosphoric Acid

Correct Answer: Formic Acid

Which among the following is an example of solid sol?

1) Milk of magnesia

2) Foam

3) Coloured gemstones

4) Rubber

Correct Answer: Coloured gemstones

Which metal is responsible for Itai-Itai disease?

1) Cadmium

2) Nickel

3) Chromium

4) Mercury

Correct Answer: Cadmium

Process of gaining electrons is known as _____.

1) oxidation

2) reduction

3) radiation

4) both oxidation and reduction

Correct Answer: reduction

Which of the following metal (shown by its symbol) is generally used for making filaments of bulb?

1) Fe

2) An

3) Ag

4) W

Correct Answer: W


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