100+ Common Errors in English Grammar

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Common Errors in English Grammar

Hello Friends, Welcome to www.examskart.com and Today we are sharing with you Common Errors in English Grammar which is the most important part of English Language section. Questions from this part is asked in every Government jobs Exams. Like SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, IBPS PO, RRB and many other state Government Exams. With the help of these common errors in english PDF you can easily boost up your marks in English Paper. Also this will help you get your dream Government Job. This is very important for SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 English language paper so go through it. If you want to see the syllabus of SSC CGL Tier1 and Tier 2 Click here.

Common errors in english

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Common Errors

1. Using If conditionals
2. Married with/married to
3. Every with (singular noun)/ Every with (plural noun)
4. Using but and although together
5. Your/you’re
6. Its/it’s
7. There/their/they’re
8. Unique/most unique
9. Me/ I
10. Then/than
11. Amount/number
12. Fewer/less
13. Did not
14. Too/enough
15. Gerunds
16. Every day/every day
17. Possession shared by two persons
18. His/hers/its
19. Well/good (happiness)
20. Well/good (quality)
21. Each is/ Each are
22. One of the …
23. Police is / police are
24. Misplaced adverbs
25. The omission of second part of comparison.

26. An/a
27. Alternative/alternate
28. Amicable / Amiable
29. Among/between
30. Beside /besides
31. Bring /take
32. Can /may
33. Deadly/deathly
34. Farther /further
35. Since/for
36. On/in
37. No one/anyone
38. If I was/If I were
39. Them self/themselves
41. Superlatives
42. In my point of view/From my point of view
43. During/for
44. Could be better than that/Couldn’t be better than that
45. Awhile /a while
46. Alot/a lot
47. Forty/fourty
48. lightning/lighting
49. Loose/lose
50. Passed/past.

51. Pore/pour
52. Pronunciation/pronounciation
53. Tough/though
54. Two / too
55. Weather/whether
56. Wreck/wreak
57. Who’s/whose
59. “Too….to” format
60. Before/ago
61. Disinterested / uninterested
62. Either is/either are
63. Each … their/All … their
64. Better/best
65. These/those
66. Waiting on/waiting for
67. Ran/run
68. suppose to/supposed to
69. Let he/let him
70. Whom/who
71. We, you, they
72. Each other/ one another
73. Mathematics is/Mathematics are
74. Know
75. Past tense in subordinate clause.

Few More…

76. Universal truth
77. Present perfect continuous tense
78. Future Indefinite Tense
79. Past Indefinite Tense.
81. Comparing two qualities of the same person.
82. Senior than/senior to
83. Phrasal Verb
84. Cardinal and Ordinal numbers
85. Missing subject
87. Habit to/ habit of
88. The number is / The number are
89. Collocations
90. Superfluous errors (Repetition of words having the same meaning)
91. As well as
92. Missing article before the Epic
93. Emphasizes/emphasizes on
94. Admission for/admission to
95. Preposition after but
96. Blind with/ Blind in
97. Use of the indefinite pronoun ‘one’.
98. Hard/hardly
99. Early/soon
100. Listen/listen to.

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