100+ Economics Questions for SSC CGL/CHSL/CDS/UPSC/Railway Exams

economics questions

Economics Questions

Hello Aspirants, Welcome to our Free Education Blog www.Examskart.com. We are sharing 100+ Economics Questions with you today. This Economics Questions PDF is useful for SSC CGL/CHSL/AFCAT/CDS/UPSC, Railway and other state and central Government Exams. This PDF is compiled from previous year questions by our team to help in your preparation of upcoming Exams. You will get and idea of what kind of questions are asked in these Exams so that you can make your strategy and prepare accordingly. Download the PDF from link provided below:

economics questions


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Economics Questions

  • At which rate, Reserve Bank of India borrows money from commercial banks?

1) Bank Rate

2) Repo Rate

3) Reverse Repo Rate

4) Statutory Liquidity Rate

Correct Answer: Reverse Repo Rate

  • Movement along the supply curve is known as ______.

1) Contraction of supply

2) Expansion of supply

3) Increase in supply

4) Expansion and contraction of supply

Correct Answer: Expansion and contraction of supply

  • NITI Aayog has been formed to replace which of the following institution?

1) Planning Commission


3) Department of Telecommunications (DoT)

4) Department of Information Technology

Correct Answer: Planning Commission

  • In which of the following case, law of demand fails?

1) Giffen goods

2) Normal goods

3) Inferior goods

4) Both Giffen and Inferior goods

Correct Answer: Both Giffen and Inferior goods

  • The ________ curve represents the demand of all consumers in the market taken together at different levels of the price of the good.

1) monotonic

2) indifferent

3) market demand

4) diminishing

Correct Answer: market demand

  • The market structure called monopoly exists where there is exactly ______ seller in any market.

1) One

2) Two

3) Five

4) Ten

Correct Answer: One

  • For a price taking firm, average revenue is ______ market price.

1) half of

2) equal to

3) double of

4) less than

Correct Answer: equal to

  • The study of individual markets of demand and supply in which the ‘players’, or the decision makers, were also individuals (buyers or sellers, even companies) who were seen as trying to maximize their profits (as producers or sellers) and their personal satisfaction or welfare levels (as consumers) is called?

1) Macro economics

2) Econometrics

3) Micro economics

4) Heterodox Economics

Correct Answer: Micro economics

  • Which one of the following is a component of Food Security System?

1) Buffer stock

2) Minimum support price

3) Fair price shops

4) Mid-day meals

Correct Answer: No Correct Answer (Benefit to all)

  • What is the accepted average Calorie requirement for rural area in India?

1) 2100

2) 2200

3) 2300

4) 2400

Correct Answer: 2400

  • ‘Neo-Malthusian Theory’ is associated with which of the following?

1) Employment

2) Poverty

3) Resource scarcity

4) Income

Correct Answer: Resource scarcity

  • Who takes the decision regarding the savings and loan activities in a Self-Help Group (SHG)?

1) Private Bank

2) Reserve Bank of India

3) Members of group

4) Non-Government Organizations

Correct Answer: Members of group

  • Which amongst the following is not in the list of Maharatna?

1) Coal India Limited

2) Steel Authority of India Limited

3) Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

4) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

Correct Answer: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

  • Which of the following is not true about a Demand Draft?

1) It is a negotiable instrument.

2) It is a banker’s cheque.

3) It may be dishonored for lack of funds.

4) It is issued by a bank.

Correct Answer: It may be dishonored for lack of funds.

  • Which of the following country is not a member of BRICS association?

1) Brazil

2) Russia

3) Iceland

4) China

Correct Answer: Iceland

  • In which market form, a market or an industry is dominated by a single seller?

1) Oligopoly

2) Monopoly

3) Duopoly

4) Monopolistic Competition

Correct Answer: Monopoly

  • Which one of the following is also regarded as Disguised unemployment?

1) Under employment

2) Frictional unemployment

3) Seasonal unemployment

4) Cyclical unemployment

Correct Answer: Under employment

  • When there is only one buyer and one seller of product, it is called _____ situation.

1) Public monopoly

2) Bilateral monopoly

3) Franchised monopoly

4) Monopsony

Correct Answer: Bilateral monopoly


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