1000+ Idioms with Hindi Meaning

Idioms with hindi meaning

List of Idioms with Hindi Meaning

Hello Aspirants, I hope your preparation is going well. Today we are sharing with you 1000+ idioms with Hindi meaning as well as English meaning. This will help you to prepare for your upcoming SSC CGL and other exams also. While idioms are an important part of English Language and questions related to idioms comes in SSC CGL, Railway Exams and other state Exams So please go through it thoroughly. This List of Idioms will help Hindi medium aspirants in their preparation. Link to the File is Provided Below.

Idioms with hindi meaning


1000+ Idioms With Hindi Meaning.

Few Idioms from the PDF are given below:

1. A hard nut to crack. ———————- A difficult problem.
2. A thorn in the flesh.  ———————-A constant source of annoyance.
3. At one’s beck and call. ——————   Under one’s control
4. An acid test. ——————————-  A critical test.
5. All eye for an eye ————————- Tit for tat
6. At once ————————————– At the same time, promptly, instant.
7. At home ————————————- Comfortable
8. All in all————————————–  Most important.
9. Achilles’ heels —————————– A small but fatal weakness
10. Add fuel to fire ————————— To make a matter worse.

11. An arm chair job————————-  Good income job with high comfort
12. An axe to grind ————————— Something done for selfish reasons
13. An iron will———————————  Strong will power.
14. Apple of discord  ————————- Matter of dispute.
15. Apple of one’s eye———————–  Very lovable/dearest one
16. Apple pie order —————————- In good condition.
17. At a lose ———————————— To be unable to decide.
18. At a pinch ———————————– In a trouble
19. At arm’s length—————————-  Avoid becoming too friendly.
20. At daggers ——————————— To have bitter enmity.

Disclaimer:- This PDF is compiled by Freedom Academy so the whole credit goes to them we are just sharing for the sake of students. Visit there website as mentioned in the PDF for more interesting study material.

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