Advance Maths Notes [Handwritten] for SSC CGL/CPO/CHSL

advance maths notes

Advance Maths Notes

Hello Friends, I hope you’re doing well. Welcome to ExamsKart. Today we are sharing with you Advance Maths Notes Handwritten with previous year asked questions of SSC CGL/CPO/CHSL/MTS. Advance Maths is Important part of Quantitative aptitude section of SSC CGL/CPO/CHSL/MTS. Many questions are asked from this part in these Exams therefore we are sharing these Advance Maths Notes With you. Click here to see the detailed Syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude for SSC CGL Exam. These simply explained Advance Maths Notes will help you in your preparation and to score well in your upcoming Exams.

advance maths notes

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Topics Covered in these Advance Maths Notes
  1. Mensuration

Area of a triangle, perimeter of a triangle, angles of a triangle, median, vertex, incentre, radius of an incentre, circumcentre, radius of a circumcentre, equilateral triangle, area of an equilateral triangle, isosceles triangle, area of an isosceles triangle, right triangle, area of a right triangle, properties of a triangle, rectangle, area of a rectangle, square , area of a square, parallelogram, area of a parallelogram, rhombus, area of a rhombus, polygon, area of a polygon, quadrilateral, regular hexagon, area of a regular hexagon, circle, area of a circle, arc of a circle, area of a ring, area and volume of a cube, area and volume of a cuboid, area and volume of a cylinder, area and volume of a cone, area and volume of a sphere, area and volume of a prism, area and volume of a pyramid.

2. Trigonometric Identities

3. Geometry

Triangle and its properties, circle and its properties.

Click here to download Advance Maths Handwritten Notes Pdf.

Click here for detailed syllabus of SSC CGL exam.

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