Average Notes in Hindi PDF for SSC/IBPS/CAT and other Exams

Average Notes in Hindi PDF

Hello Aspirant, Welcome to your own www.ExamsKart.com. I hope your preparation is going great. Today we are sharing Average Notes in Hindi PDF for SSC/IBPS/CAT/Bank Exams. In this PDF Average chapter is explained in detail in a simple and easy way. This Average Notes in Hindi PDF is useful for both English and Hindi medium students. Questions for practice are also given at the end of each topic so go through the PDF and prepare yourself for upcoming Exams and score high. Download Link is provided below.

average notes in hindi PDF

Average Questions for Practice

The average of four consecutive odd numbers is 40. What is the largest number?

1) 42

2) 45

3) 43

4) 44

Correct Answer: 43

Nine students of a class contribute a certain sum of money. Seven of them gave Rs. 50 each and the other two gave respectively Rs. 50 and Rs. 90 more than the others. The average contribution of the class of 9 students is

1) Rs. 70

2) Rs. 50

3) Rs. 100

4) Rs. 120

Answer: Rs. 70

The average age of eight teachers in a school is 40 years. A teacher among them died at the age of 55 years whereas another teacher whose age was 39 years joins them. The average age of the teachers in the school now is (in years)

1) 35

2) 36

3) 38

4) 39

Answer: 38

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