Biology Notes For SSC CGL From NCERT book

Biology notes

Biology Notes

Hello Aspirants, Biology plays an important role in the science part of General Awareness section in SSC CGL and other state government exams. 3-4 Questions are asked every year in SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS in General Awareness section. We have come up with Biology Notes which is prepared from NCERT books. These Notes are simple, short and easy to understand and with diagrams. Go through them and prepare for upcoming Exams.

biology notes


Click here to download PDF file of Biology Notes.

Topics which are covered in the Notes are given below:

Sci.01. Cell
Sci.02. Carbohydrates
Sci.03. Proteins
Sci.04. Vitamins
Sci.05. DNA, RNA
Sci.06. Fats
Sci.07. Mitosis
Sci.08. Meosis
Sci.09. Inheritence
Sci.10. Human Genome Project
Sci.11. Genetic Disorders
Sci.12. Diseases-Microbes
Sci.13. Beneficial Microbes
Sci.13. Tissues
Sci.14. Evolution
Sci.15. Classification
Sci.16. Plant Parts
Sci.17. Plantae
Sci.18. Plant Tissues
Sci.19. Plant Nutrition
Sci.20. Plant Reproduction
Sci.21. Animal Classification
Sci.22. Vertebrata
Sci.22. Biotech
Sci.HB.01. Digestive
Sci.HB.02. Respiratory
Sci.HB.03. Excretory
Sci.HB.04. Reproductive
Sci.HB.05. Skeletal
Sci.HB.06. Nervous
Sci.HB.07. Sensory Organs
Sci.HB.08. Endocrine
Sci.HB.09. Immunity
Sci.HB.10. AIDS, Cancer
Sci.HB.11. Diseases
Sci.HB.12. Circulatory.

Click here to download PDF file of Biology Notes.

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