Important GK Questions with Answers for All Exams

GK Questions with Answers

Important GK Questions with Answers

Hello Friends, Welcome to ExamsKart your online study portal. I hope your preparations are going well. Today we decided to bring for you Important GK Questions with Answers for various Exams such as UPSC/SSC/Railway and other state and central government Exams. These GK Questions with Answers are picked from various exams to help you prepare for upcoming exams. These types of questions are asked in many exams so go through them and score well in your upcoming exams.

GK Questions with Answers Exercise-1

Who fixes the salaries and the allowances of the Speaker of Lok Sabha?


The term ‘Granary of the world’ is related to which type?


To which veda does Ayurveda owe its origin?


To which UN organ, does the Security Council send its annual report?

General Assembly

Which is the Trophy/Cups associated with the game of Hockey?

Agha Khan Cup

When an ebonite rod is rubbed with fur, which charge acquired by the fur?


Which climatic factor which has the least effect upon a terrestrial ecosystem?


Near the banks of which river excavations have brought to light that Indus Valley Civilization percolated to far south?


The term nishka, which meant an ornament in the Vedic period, was used in latertirnes, what did it denote?

A coin

Under which Article of the Constitution is the President’s rule promulgated on any State in India?


The Governor General of Fort William became the Governor General of India under which Charter Act?


The name of the tax which the kings used to collect from the people in the Vedic period?


Development of fruit without fertilization called?


Where the first Municipal Corporation in India set up?


Which is the largest importer country of Indian textile?


Which is not a sedimentary rock?


Which city was regarded as the best producer of silk?


Which batsman started his International cricketing career at the age of 16?

Sachin Tendulkar

Which charcoal forms of carbon used in sugar industry?

Animal charcoal

Enlargment of which gland takes place due to deficiency of iodine?


Which type of igneous rocks formed midway between volcanic and plutonic rocks?



GK Questions with Answers Exercise-2

Which Gupta ruler had led a campaign to the south and an expert ‘Veena’ player?


What is the function of Leghaemoglobin in nitrogen fixation?

Absorption of oxygen

On the which bank of river the site of Harappa located?


Trade Union comes under which List?

Concurrent list

What is termed as the period of high inflation and low economic growth?


What was the former name of the Reliance Cup?

Prudential Cup

How are the temperatures in equatorial regions between July and January?

The same

In which city the East India Association founded by Dadabhai Naoroji in 1866?


Which process used to remove reducible oxides from the metal?


Which technique can be used to establish the paternity of a child?

DNA finger printing

Which was the first State to become bifurcated after independence?


Which island receives conventional rainfall?


Who was the first Governor General of India?

Lord William Bentinck

Which country won the first World Cup cricket tournament in 1975?

West Indies

Who sings on One-rupee currency notes?

Finance Secretary of India

The first explosion of an atomic device in India carried out in which state?   


Which crops requires a cool growing season and a bright sun shine at the time of ripening?


In which state the Nalanda University located in India?


Who got noble prize for artificial synthesis of DNA?


If the President wants to resign from office, he may do so by writing to whom?


Parimarjan Negi has excelled in which games?


Which state in India are the largest producers of sugarcane?

Bihar and Uttar Pradesh

Vikramshila Mahavihara established by the ruler of which dyanasy?

Pala Dynasty


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