Indian History Notes for SSC CGL/CHSL, Railway and other Exams

Indian History Notes

Hello readers, Welcome to your own website We hope you preparation is going well. We on ExamsKart sharing for you Indian History Notes for Various Exams such as SSC CGL/CHSL, railway, and other state and central Government Exams. This will boost up you general Knowledge preparation for upcoming Exams so that you can score well and get your dream government job. Go through the whole PDF and learn the about the Indian History.

indian history notes

Click here to Download Indian History Notes for SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway and other exams

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Topics Covered

Ancient India, Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Culture, Vedic Literature, Mahajanapada Period, Haryanaka Dynasty, Shisunaga Dynasty, Jainism, Buddhism, Maurya Period, The Sangam Period, Gupta Period, Chalikyas, The Pallavas, Medieval Period, Rajputa Period, The Palas, The Pratiharas, The Rashtrakutas, The Chola Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Vijaynagar Kingdom, Religious Movements, Bhakti Movements, Sufi Movements, Mughal Period, Maratha State, Advent of The Europeans(Portugese,  Dutch, English, French), Modern India, Expansion of British Power in Bengal, Mysore, Punjab, Freedom Struggle, Revolt of 1857, Moderate Phase, Extremist Phase, The Gandhian Era, Crips Mission, Quit India Movement, Cabinet Mission, Indian Freedom. Several other small topics of Indian History are also included in the PDF go through full PDF for better understanding of the topic.

Click here to Download Indian History Notes for SSC CGL, CHSL, Railway and other exams

Click here to download 5000+ MCQ of General Knowledge

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