1000+ SSC GK Questions PDF [Previous Year] asked in SSC CGL

SSC GK Questions of Previous Year CGL Exam

Hi Readers, Welcome to www.ExamsKart.com, I hope your preparation for SSC Exams are going well. To help you with your preparation we are sharing with you 1000+ SSC GK Questions[Previous Year] asked in SSC CGL. This SSC GK Questions PDF will help you to prepare for all SSC Exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, CET, JE etc. Questions asked in SSC Exams are repeated very often so go through these SSC GK Questions and score well in your upcoming SSC and other Exams. Download link of the PDF is provided below.

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SSC GK Questions
  1. Money transfer through mobile is called —


  1. Farakha Barrage is located on —

Ganga River

  1. Who decides disputes regarding disqualification of Memeber of Parliament? —

The President in consultation with the Election Commission

  1. In forests, trees shed their leaves in a particular season. —


  1. Amir Khusrau was disciple of —

Nizamuddin Auliya

  1. G-20 is the Group of Twenty largest economics represented by their —

Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors

  1. Cache memory works on the principle of —

Locality of reference

  1. Where is the headquarters of National Film Archives of India (NFAI) located? —


  1. In India, the Black Revolution is related to the manufacturing of which product? —

Crude Petroleum

  1. Who introduced Western education i n India? —

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

  1. Bridgmanite is —

Earth’s most abundant mineral

  1. The 18th Asian Games also known as ‘Asiad’ will be held in 2018 in? —


  1. The Asiatic Society was established in Calcutta by?

Sir William Jones

  1. Kutir Jyoti Scheme is associated with —

Providing electricity to rural families living below poverty line

  1. The system of Budget was introduced in India during the Viceroyalty of —

Lord Canning

  1. Which river in the Southern Peninsula has the second largest river basin in India? —


  1. Tortoise have lifespan of —

100 years

  1. Vitamin C is a vitamin. —

Water Soluble

  1. Biofortification is a method of —

Breeding crops to increase their nutritional value

  1. The force which makes a vehicle to stop when break is applied is called —

Frictional force

  1. Synthetic detergents are prepared from? —

Hydro- carbons of petroleum

  1. All doubt and disputes in connection with election of the President are inquired into and decided by —

The Supreme Court

  1. Name the longest lake in India —

Vembanad Lake

  1. Red Data Book provides an account of —

Endangered plants & Animals

  1. Suez Canal connects —

Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea


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